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kandy_x_tc's Journal

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1. ravers know where the best toy stores are(hehe)
2. ravers are the only people who don't have their age calculated in months, yet still wear and use pacifiers.
3. ravers always consider every new place they go to as a possible location for a party.
4. raver hug EVERYONE, like now.... **HUGS**
5. ravers can dance.
6. ravers can be found dancing everywhere EXCEPT the main dance floor.
7. ravers understand the art of bathroom conversation.
8. ravers choose the clothes by the texture, color and size.
9. ravers always order water when they go out to clubs. (thats me)
10. ravers realize the "evian" spells naivE backwards.
11. ravers don't bother planning to meet their friends ahead of time, their friends are always there.
12. ravers give THE BEST massages. *smiles*
13. ravers have a one track mind....it goes
14. ravers never know the name of their favorite tracks.
15. ravers know how to *smile*
16. ravers don't need pick up lines =)~
17. ravers always choose "e" on the multiple choice ?'s.
18. ravers are always good at play'n....."guess what he's on."
19. ravers always hear phat beats in their head even without any music playn.
20. ravers always spot ravers within 100ft radius of themselves.
21. ravers always define the style of music they listen to as "just some dope-ass beats"
22. ravers always know the directions by heart.
23. ravers always share speakers and give off good vibes.
24. ravers can never be classified as a drunk bastard.